The City of Battle Lake and the Battle Lake Lions invite you to participate in our annual 
Wenonga Day's parade.
 Saturday July 22nd at 7:00pm. 

for 2017!!!


Line up is 1st come first served.  

If you are one of our sponsors. You will be placed toward the beginning of the parade regardless of when you register. Please click on the sponsor tab at the top of this page for information of becoming one of our sponsors.

Parade entrance is FREE. 

However,  we would greatly appreciate any Free will donations on parade day.  Please give any donation to the Registration volunteer when you check in.

Parade registration is from 5:00-6:30pm on parade day. Once you are registered and in your  Position you will not be allowed to leave the parade line-up. Parade Begins at 7:00pm

You will be notified of your position number when you check 

in at the registration table Prior to the parade. 

 We will not post a parade line-up or give out unit numbers until you arrive at the registration table between 5:00-6:30 pm Please see map below for registration table location. 

 If your unit is distributing candy, please plan to distribute on Highway 78 only and have extra people with your unit to distribute it near the edge of the street, as the throwing of candy from parade units is discouraged.

Please do not have any signage or items on your unit which would be deemed inappropriate for children. You will be asked to remove it by our staff. If we find you have added items after registration that are inappropriate you will not be allowed to participate in any future parades. 

There may be times when the parade stops  to allow for Special performances in front of the announcers area. Please maintain a minimum of 25 feet between you and the next unit.

If you have people meeting to ride together in your parade entry. Please plan for them to meet at a location in town. Having someone  drop them off on the parade line up is discouraged. 

Bathroom facilities are not available in the parade line-up. Please make arrangements before lining up. Porta-potties are available in the food vendor area near Lakes Area Community Center.

Units with walkers:  The walkers may wait for their units at the corner of Hwy 78 and  Summit St. and join their units when they reach that point in the parade.

If your entry has Music or loud noises please let us know we will make every effort to not put two loud entries next to each other. However we cannot guarantee a loud unit will not be in front of our behind you. 

By completeing the form 

2017 Parade Entry

Unit Length

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